Greetings again from the darkness. According to the statistics, I am thankful and consider myself blessed to have found nearly every bit of this film from co-directors Jeff Reilly and Greg Williams (The Anonymous People) to be new information – some of it even shocking. The staggering statistic, one in three U.S. households in America is directly impacted by substance abuse, means that even if you are one of the lucky ones, your community is undoubtedly affected.

The focus here is on Houston and a couple of local communities that are searching for a solution. Treatment centers, recovery high schools, alternative peer groups (APG), collegiate recovery programs … these are some of the approaches that we learn about thanks to the filmmakers.

“Just say No” is a slogan, while this is a revolution aiming to solve a major societal issue. In an effort to change the cookie-cutter approach of rehab and incarceration, community leaders from various walks of life collaborate to make a difference in the lives of kids. It’s a long-term alternative to the stymied War on Drugs.

Statistics are flashed periodically through the film, each with pointed effect on the challenges. We hear from parents who come clean on their own history, while also contrasting the approaches in the suburbs to those in the inner-city. There are many personal stories and intimate footage from support groups and the other organizations, and there is hope in knowing that 36 recovery high schools exist in the U.S. with 7 more being developed. The film exposes the true power of community, and how some leaders understand how crucial it is to help these youngsters develop into productive citizens. For more information, go to


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