June 16 – June 19, 2016

OCFF16 For anyone who still believes Dallas is all concrete and glass, take note that it’s almost time for the 5th annual Oak Cliff Film Festival. Founded by local folks who are committed to the independent creative spirit of film, music and art; the festival is based in the historic Texas Theatre, and showcases multiple venues along Jefferson Boulevard and in the Bishop Arts Districts.

The diversity and rare opportunities afforded by this festival is difficult to explain, but intoxicating to experience. The unusual film programming includes documentaries, student films, shorts, reparatory films, a narrative competition, and even workshops for students. Additionally, those behind the festival are quite serious about the parties – live music and DJ’s are often tied into the themes of the screenings from that evening.

Including the Texas Theatre, this year’s events are spread out over ten different venues: Kessler Theatre, Bishop Arts Theatre Center, Oak Cliff Cultural Center, Turner House, Spinster Records, The Majestic Theatre, 29 Pieces, Basement Gallery, and the ultra cool Wild Detectives (bookstore/coffee shop/bar/patio). The incredible range of films goes from Brian DePalma’s 1974 Phantom of the Paradise to the new documentary Author: The JT Leroy Story. On a personal note, I’m especially excited for the Opening Night screening of the restored film version of Last Night at the Alamo (1983). This is being presented by SXSW co-founder Louis Black, who was a T.A. in a film class I took at the University of Texas so many years ago.

If you are a lover of independent film and community events, this is the festival for you. While Cannes, Toronto and Sundance can be a bit overwhelming and intimidating, the Oak Cliff Film Festival is welcoming to all and easy to navigate. Plus … it’s the FIFTH year and that’s a reason to celebrate!

Scheduling, Festival Passes, and individual tickets can be found at: http://oakclifffilmfestival.com/


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