BEST OF 2020

My list of Top Movies from 2020 has been posted, and as is my custom, you’ll also find plenty of movies to check out. 2020 was a strange year in all aspects – including movies.  As always, I hope you’ll share your favorites with me as well!

Here is the link to the BEST OF 2020:



5 Responses to BEST OF 2020

  1. montrealray says:

    I went through your list and I did not see the documentary “The Social Dilemma”
    Do yourself a favour and see it; I promise you will not regret it. It was enlightening for me, gave me a perspective I might not have had otherwise or found, perhaps not even stumbled upon while researching closely related subjects. Spoiler: You’ll learn an AI impact is at play.

  2. Doug Beck says:

    I always enjoy your list although I’m sure these have been the least seen of your “Best of Lists” ever. Maybe next year.



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