BEST OF 2015 is up!

best of 2015 The “BEST OF 2015” page is up and ready for your review and comments. It can be reached on the home page in the right-hand side bar or by going directly to the link:

Even though I reviewed 234 new releases in 2015, there were still a few that I simply wasn’t able to work in. Just in case you have these on your list of favorites, just know that since I didn’t see them, they won’t be included in my post: Best of Enemies, Ex Machina, Mommy, Straight Outta Compton, The Peanuts Movie
Of course, many of last year’s movies won’t be mentioned in the annual recap, and you can always search the site for my review. Just drop me an email or leave a comment if you have any questions.

Readership for the site continues to grow … THANK YOU for taking the time to read and comment, and am very appreciative of you passing along the site to any other movie lovers.

Many of my reviews also show up on where I am a regular contributor.


2 Responses to BEST OF 2015 is up!

  1. montrealray says:

    If you do have a chance to watch Ex Machina later, on Blue ray perhaps, I recommend it. I loved it and I think you will. The storyline is not all that new or exceptional, but the cinematography was worth for me and the performances by the three principal characters was worth it.
    As I said, it you can, find the time.
    I will read your ‘Best of’ as soon as I’m done with my eye surgeries, something that hampered using my computer of late and denied me the pleasure of reading for too long.

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