last treasure Greetings again from the darkness. Their father’s sudden death after a heart attack reunites an estranged brother and sister. Disclosing that this was the second heart attack for the dad – but the first that his offspring knew of – provides all the back story one needs to understand the communication deficiencies within this family and the struggles these two have in connecting with each other, and making peace with the past and present.

The dad (Art LaFleur, Field of Dreams) was a bit eccentric, and one of his traditions was an annual treasure hunt for his kids Oliver (Casey Nelson) and Lucy (Kate Murdoch). When these now young adults show up for the reading of the will, they are taken aback by their father’s last wish – an elaborate 6 clue final treasure hunt to uncover the true details of their inheritance. Oliver and Lucy grudgingly team up to solve the clues.

Of course, the emotional rollercoaster kicks in and these two bicker like brother and sister, dredging up past memories both good and bad … well, mostly bad. It’s only fair that a massive melodrama caution flag is waved here. There are some realistic moments as the siblings pick and prod each other as only this relationship can; however, much more time is spent as each of them deal with their own baggage of self-loathing.

The supporting cast adds a welcome change of pace from the brother-sister thing, as we get Cousin Alfred (Jeff Grace) – an odd bird with a camera who wants to buy the dad’s house; neighbor Gary (Charles Hoyes) who was good friends with the dad and adds clarity to the situation; and Oliver’s girlfriend Susan (Kandis Erickson) who has much to fight through herself. In addition to these characters, the house and the island locale loom large in most scenes, as do the volumes of books throughout each room.

Kate Murdoch and Casey Nelson not only co-star in the film, but also co-wrote the script, which provides the foundation for director Patrick Biesemans’ first feature film.


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