A COUP IN CAMELOT (2014, doc)

a coup in camelot Greetings again from the darkness. With no shortage of books, movies, TV specials, documentaries, or research papers about President John Kennedy’s assassination, one could wonder what yet another new project could possibly bring to the table. The answer is: eye-opening evidence presented in a concise manner by a group of experts.

The film begins with the actual break in regular TV programming for the announcement of November 22, 1963. It then moves forward by reminding us of the litany of unanswered questions remaining 50+ years later. We see many of the most familiar images from JFK’s trip to Texas (“nut country”), including an enhanced Zapruder film. A quick history lesson follows showing how JFK was planning a full withdrawal of troops from Vietnam, which is later described as the basis for what could be the conspiracy or titular “coup”. The Warren Commission is discussed along with the gaps in interviews and evidence.

Five key areas are examined under the microscope here: the Secret Service, forensics, chain-of-custody with the body, the autopsy process and report, and Lee Harvey Oswald. Experts from each category detail their research and conclusions. The panel includes Vince Palamara, Sherry Feister, Douglas Horne, Dr David Mantik, Barry Ernest, Jerry Dealey, and Dick Russell. This group represents an extraordinary amount of time and diligence in researching testimony, documents and evidence … in fact, dwarfing the time spent compiling the Warren Report. Discussions of lapses in Secret Service protocol, triangulated crossfire, contradictory medical testimony, doctored photographs, and “patsy”, take on real weight and substance. The documentation appears strong to corroborate these conclusions and theories, and at a minimum raise significant doubt about who was involved and why.

If you are expecting testimony from wild-eyed conspiracy theorists living on the fringes of society, you will be disappointed. Instead, filmmaker Stephen Goetsch and writer Art Van Kampen offer screen time to historians, physicians, researchers, and experts-in-field so that they may provide an educated and trained interpretation of the evidence. Much of the material may be familiar to those who are well read, but the methodical and deliberate method of presentation is what makes this one worth a look.

To see the trailer and learn more about the film (and a screening at The Texas Theatre), go to: www.acoupincamelot.com

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