Adm. McRaven – Commencement Address (Univ of Texas, 2014)

mcraven This is not a typical posting for my site, and I certainly would not post a 19 minute video if I did not believe these words need to be heard by as many people as possible.  In May 2014, Naval Admiral William McRaven delivered a concise speech filled with wisdom and real-world (not political) advice for the graduating class of The University of Texas in Austin.  Yes, I am a UT alum, but that has little to do with why I believe Admiral McRaven’s message is important.  In fact, a tip of the cap to reader Doug Beck (Oklahoma roots and all) for making me aware of this.  I hope you will take 19 minutes for the message, and be inspired to pass along to others.

**NOTE: If you are a subscriber, the link to the video may not show up on the email version.  You can go directly to my site or to YouTube and search for “University of Texas 2014 Commencement Address – Admiral McRaven”



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