FED UP (doc, 2014)

fed up Greetings again from the darkness. Changing traditional thinking is not easy, but filmmaker Stephanie Soechtig gives it her best shot. The main theme here is that the obesity crisis is getting worse because we are not looking at the problem correctly.

All calories are not created equal, so Energy Balance (calories in equal calories burned) is a flawed theory. This messes with our eat less and exercise more mantra. The real bad guy here is sugar – in all forms. We learn that the food industry is adding all types of sugar to all types of foods (as much as 80% of grocery store items). We know the dangers of corn syrup, and soda certainly gets some blame, but we get “tricked” with many other foods … especially those in school cafeterias.

Narrated by (Producer) Katie Couric, the film gets a boost from such well known types as Bill Clinton, Tom Harkin and Michael Pollan. The film doesn’t let Michelle Obama off the hook. It explains how her initial “Let’s Move” campaign was designed to help us eat better, but has been repositioned by the food industry lobbyists to promote exercise for kids, rather than proper diet. More detail on this would have been welcome.

There is no shortage of other experts or sobering statistics. One of the most fascinating was 40 out of 43 lab rats preferred sugar water to cocaine. The point is that a powerful sugar addiction can happen quickly and it causes our bodies to crave the foods that make us fat. Those same foods will not have daily requirements of sugar listed, because if they did, most servings would be over 100%.

So while the food industry is the clear target, the burden falls to each of us to better understand the negative impact of sugar. The Type 2 Diabetes statistics are stunning. Break your soda habit and learn what makes up the food you are eating. Don’t wait for the government to save you.

watch the trailer:


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