THE SOUND OF MUSIC cast 1965 and 2013

The cast in 1965 and 2013

2/05/2021 UPDATE

Christopher Plummer passed away February 5, 2021 at age 91

Healther Menzies passed away 2017 at age 68

Charmain Carr passed away 2016 at age 73

Eleanor Parker passed away 2013 at age 91

(left to right):

Kym Karath (Gretl), Debbie Turner (Marta), Angela Cartwright (Brigitta), Duane Chase (Kurt), Heather Menzies (Louisa), Nicholas Hammond (Friedrich), Charmain Carr (Leisl), Julie Andrews (Maria), Christopher Plummer (Captain Von Trapp)

Sound of Music - then and now


4 Responses to THE SOUND OF MUSIC cast 1965 and 2013

  1. Doug Beck says:

    Great Musical! Cool they are all alive. Liesel seems to have gotten shorter—-

    • I thought the same thing about Leisl getting shorter, but then I noticed in the 1965 photo she is wearing heels, while Julie Andrews is wearing flats. We can probably assume they traded shoe types for the 2013 photo. Also, “Louisa” was married to tough guy actor Robert Urich for 26 years until he died. Of course, Julie Andrews was married to director Blake Edwards for 41 years until he passed away.

  2. D. Edward says:

    Having worked at the threatre in Richmond that was running the Sound of Music for about 3 months and all the times I have seen it on TV I figure I have seen the 65 version close to a hundred times. i have never not enjoyed it. The 2013 version is going to have to go many miles to compare with the original Sound of Music. I am not saying that the new version is not good it may be. I intend to watch it and see for myself how it might compare. I am only saying the 1965 version is a dearly loved movie and I guess we will see how this new version stacks up.

    • I too am a huge fan of the Julie Andrews version, and can’t even take the new version as a serious “threat” to the original. It will be interesting to see a different approach to such a classic.

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