Christmas movie mash-up

die hard “Ho-Ho-Ho.  Now I have a machine gun.”  Those words appear in a most creative manner, and jolt us back with a violent reminder  that the action in Die Hard is actually taking place during an office Christmas party!  The Christmas holiday … and all that entails … has played a role in countless movies over the years.  Some of these are sweet, some are funny, some are action-packed, some play to our family emotions and insecurities, some are downright crass, and many are blatant reminders of what’s really important in life.

The following Christmas movie mash-up was posted to YouTube and does a pretty interesting job of capturing the many approaches we have seen in this genre.  It starts nice and easy with Bing Crosby singing, and ends with the glorious sound of Judy Garland.  In between you will see a bit more action within the holiday spirit!


2 Responses to Christmas movie mash-up

  1. B Goldston says:

    so many great Christmas movies Holiday Inn Trading Places Die Hard It’s a Wonderful Life National Lampoons Christmas Vacation

  2. Sandra says:


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