TMI (1-11-12)

TMI (Today’s Movie Info)

Kevin Costner —  has perhaps the most famous character to be left on the cutting room floor.  Costner’s Alex commits suicide before The Big Chill (1983) begins, but was supposed to appear in a series of flashbacks throughout the film after his friends from college reunite for his funeral. All of those scenes were cut from the final version, though that is actually Costner in the opening scenes being dressed for the funeral. Director  Lawrence Kasdan was very adamant about not including those “deleted scenes” for the 1998 video release by Columbia.  Director Kasdan and actor Costner would go on to collaborate in Silverado (1985) and Wyatt Earp (1995)

Costner has turned down two roles in Quentin Tarantino films … Bill in Kill Bill (2003) and Ace in Django Unchained (2012).  These roles subsequently went to David Carradine and Kurt Russell, respectively.  Costner upcoming projects are this year’s TV series “Hatfields and McCoys” where he will play the head of the Hatfield family in their feud against Bill Paxton‘s McCoys; and, next year he will play Superman’s earth dad in Man of Steel (2013)

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