TMI (1-7-12)

TMI (Today’s Movie Info)

 GEORGE CLOONEY had his first TV credit at age 7 on “The Nick Clooney Show”, a local Lexington Kentucky talk show hosted by his father.  George became a TV star playing Dr. Doug Ross on “ER” in 1994.  Director Robert Rodriguez gave him his first big movie break with From Dusk Til Dawn (1996), and he became a mega-star alongside Jennifer Lopez in Out of Sight (1998).  Since then, he has gone on to international fame and won a Best Supporting Actor Oscar for Syriana (2005).  He has also directed 4 feature films … including an Oscar nomination for Good Night, and Good Luck (2005).  However, it wasn’t always champagne and caviar (nod to Robin Leach) for Clooney.  He tried out (didn’t make it) for the Cincinnati Reds, spent some time as a young man working in tobacco fields, and when he finally moved to Los Angeles, he slept in Charlie Sheen‘s closet.  George’s aunt was Rosemary Clooney, a very popular singer and actress who got her start in the 1950’s.  George has Oscar hopes again this year with two films: The Descendants and The Ides of March.  He will next appear in the sci-fi thriller Gravity from director Alfonso Cuaron.  Expected release date: November 21, 2012

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