Greetings again from the darkness. While I really enjoy a good horror movie, I have never been too fond of those that featured unexplained or other-worldly creatures. However, with Pan’s Labyrinth to his credit, Guillermo del Toro has earned my trust. Supposedly the 1973 British version of this film (Nigel McKeand teleplay) so frightened a young del Toro that it inspired him to become a filmmaker. Here he acts as producer and co-writer, while first timer Troy Nixey directs.

 What makes this one work is that it takes full advantage of setting and dark tones, rather than over-exposure of the freakish fairies that live in the ash pit. Blackwood Manor is one creepy, yet fantastic mansion that belonged to a famous artist who was killed in the basement. Also, the three leads are good in their roles. Guy Pearce plays the struggling businessman who gets his 10 year old daughter forced upon him by his ex-wife. Katie Holmes plays Pearce’s girlfriend and the interior designer in charge of the mansion re-do. The real gem of the film is Bailee Madison, whom you will remember from Bridge to Teribithia.

 Putting a cute kid in peril is one of the most over-used cliches in horror films, but here young Sally (Madison) is actually quite brave and rational … she is trying to solve this mystery without bothering the oh-so-busy adults. As is customary, the dad (Pearce) is clueless and the last to catch on, but there is a very interesting dynamic between Holmes and Madison. Those are the kind of details that make this one worth seeing for all you lovers of horror. Just remember the second rule of real estate: never buy a mansion named Blackwood.

SEE THIS MOVIE IF: you never miss a decent horror film OR you want to see Jack Thompson (so great in Breaker Morant) as the crusty old caretaker

SKIP THIS MOVIE IF: little creatures in the basement is all you need to know to find something else to do

watch the trailer:

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