Greetings again from … GOTCHA!!!  Seriously??  Do you really think I am the target audience for this one?  Just wanted to relay what I thought was a pretty funny story in regards to this already extremely popular sequel.

I was sitting in one of the comfy leather chairs in the Angelika foyer as I waited for seating to begin on my second movie of the day (hey, it was a rainy Saturday in Dallas).  A line began to form for the next Twilight showing and I had a little chuckle at the sight of 20-30 females of varying ages waiting to see part three.  As the doors opened and that group streamed in, I couldn’t help noticing that the wave continued.  So many females pouring through one set of doors that I was certain there must be a double feature of Twilight and a fabulous shoe sale!

Regrettably, I didn’t count, but after 70-100 ladies of varying age (6 to 70+) made their way in, I almost fell out of my comfy chair as the final couple entered.  It was a 16 or 17 yr old girl literally dragging her date by the hand.  This poor fellow had no choice in how to spend his next two hours and his head was hanging as he, with half effort, dug his heels into the carpet on each step.  His girlfriend was not deterred.  She just kept pulling the disenchanted boy until they were out of sight behind the doors.

As I think of that moment, it strikes me that this was a display of true power.  The film has box office power of $162 million in just a few days.  The story and cast are a powerful draw for an incredible number of women – mothers and daughters, sisters, friends … and the movie is such a powerful force that even some boyfriends are no match for their on-a-mission girlfriends.  Hopefully those few males can take solace in the fact that the release date of  The Expendables is right around the corner … and paybacks are hell.

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