Greetings again from the darkness. Don’t really have much to offer on this one other than it would have been more current in the mid-90’s. A statement on overindulgence and consumerism during a recession comes across as lame and not particularly funny or poignant.

The con is simple. Demi Moore, David Duchovny, Ben Hollingsworth and Amber Heard pose as the “it” family unit whose sole purpose is to be the coolest people with the coolest toys, clothes, furniture and cars. First of all Hollingsworth and Heard (from Zombieland) are 25 and 24 respectively, and do not look like high school students (a movie pet peeve). Secondly, NO ONE would ever believe one family could possibly have ALL of this stuff.

The script is all over the place trying to make commentary on the morals of what this grift does to the participants … both those on the inside and the targets themselves. David Duchovny, to his credit, has a couple of decent scenes, but Demi Moore just comes across as trying way too hard.

It was nice to see Lauren Hutton and Gary Cole have somewhat important roles and I did enjoy looking at the great house and cars. But never did I buy into the story or the self-marketing. Nice idea that would have complimented the original Wall Street movie back in the day.

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