(1-30-10) Greetings again from the darkness. Of course, we never expect much from January films – especially Rom-Coms or Action films. Sad to say, the stereotype fits Edge of Darkness like a glove.

Held out some hope for a pleasant surprise when Mel Gibson returned to acting with Casino Royale director Martin Campbell at the helm. Unfortunately, so little effort was put into the script, that it gives the appearance of a story being made up as filming occurs.

Mel Gibson stepped away from acting for awhile to concentrate on directing (Apocalypto and Passion of the Christ) … oh yes, and carousing. His face readily displays the stress of both. This is not to say he can’t generate some fine dramatic moments, but mostly, the rust shows and he is unable to lift the weak story.

In support we have Ray Winstone (very good in The Departed), Bojana Novakovic as Gibson’s slain daughter, and Danny Huston, who might as well wear a name badge that says, “Hello my name is BAD GUY”. While not the fault of these actors, a film like this desperately needs a few standout secondary characters. Here we have none, so the story is pretty simple with little tension … not a good thing for a “thriller”.


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